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13x Award-Winning
First Contact Trilogy!

13-time award-winning Dreamtech Trilogy

At the end of history, they arrived—in her dreams.

A spectacular blasphemy has been unleashed upon the world.
And the world is now turning her gaze.

And her Fist.

All while secretive aliens, hidden behind the barrier of dreams, meddle with whispers of hope.

All while Edda van Dolah plunges in the darkest depths of the Path of the Mind-Walkers in a desperate attempt to save her father from the ritual death known as the Joyousday.

All while Aline Speese makes a discovery that could shake awake human civilization from a centuries-old coma.

Join Ximena Epullan and her fellow students in this new episode of Professor Miyagi’s Seminar on The Rise and Fall of the Juf.

Join now, and witness humanity’s first hesitant steps into The Second Wake.

Click to continue reading now this 13x award-winning trilogy and experience Edda’s epic first-contact journey in your own skin. Delve into a world of dystopian decadence and shared-dreaming alien wonders. Discover how some teenage attitude—pumped up by the power of Dreamtech—blows human history out of the water.

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